Heartbreak, Leggings & Lots of Coffee.

Brittany Brogan

Heartbreak, Leggings, & Lots of Coffee.

Before I can talk about myself and who I am NOW, I think its important to go back a bit... 

Let me preface this blog by saying this is NOT going to be easy for me to write. I think a lot of people have formed misguided opinions of me. From the outside looking in, I look like a spoiled brat, married young, nice clothes, nice house, everything on a silver platter. I get it. You follow someone on Facebook and think you "know" them. 

Want The Truth?

 I began working at age 14. My parents never had much, but they gave me all they could. There was always food on the table & a roof over my head. My humble beginnings were in a small town Food Lion 20 hours a week. From there, during my Junior year in high school, I took the local boutique world by storm. 

I worked my a** (excuse my French) off for 8 years. For 8 years I worked insane hours, burned myself with a steamer more times than id care to admit, stabbed myself with tagging guns, traveled some, met some amazing women, and also some not so great people. I burned bridges and ruined friendships to further my career. 2013-2015 is honestly such a blur. All I knew how to do was work. Its all I thought I was good at. There are moments I'm not proud of. But there are also many moments that I'm insanely proud of; moments I fought so hard for. 

Call Us Crazy...

I got married right out of high school. I was 18. I thought I knew everything. Many thought we were CRAZY, and maybe we were. We did it together. We navigated the messy, unfair, trying thing called life. Tyson is my BEST friend. He is the only person who has ever accepted me. All of my flaws, my quirks, my shortcomings. He never lets me give up, even though there are days all I want to do is walk away. He sees the best parts of me. The raw, real, unfiltered Katie. September & Co. wouldn't be here if it weren't or him pushing me to chase my dreams. 


2016 was the best year of my life. On September 1, 2016 we welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Tucker into the world. My workaholic self got a huge slap in the face. The moment I laid my eyes on my precious boy EVERYTHING changed. My rough, often cold, exterior melted away with every breath he took. 

I was 21. We lived in a modest apartment in North Raleigh with our 2 dogs. I was on maternity leave from my job as a Social Media & Marketing Director. Get Ready: This is something I've never shared before. I went through what they call "baby blues" hard for about 3 weeks. My husband was back at work, I was all alone 90% of the time, yet if I had company I felt completely smothered and all I wanted was to be alone again. I had a tiny little human nursing what felt like every 10 minutes. The house was a wreck. I loved him with every ounce of my being. But there were also moments all I wanted was 5 minutes to just breathe. I smelled like lavender lotion and spoiled milk for at least 8 weeks. I felt worthless. I had gone from an equal contributor in our household, to wearing the same pajamas for four days. If you're a mom, all of this goes without saying. 

Then there were the laughs. The smiles. The wonder in his little eyes when he found his feet. Suddenly, I lived for the little things. I longed for small precious moments. Those are what got me through.

I quit my job to be with my boy full time. I left everything I had worked for, for 8 long years, in about 2.5 seconds. I never looked back.

Basically, my world, my entire existence had been turned upside down. 

The Birth of a Clothing Empire

On a cool November afternoon in 2016, September & Co. was born with a pic stitch collage of 9 beautiful $12.00 blanket scarves. Little did I know those blanket scarves would change my life and allow me to be home with my baby, full time. Those blanket scarves gave me a huge piece of myself back, in a new and much more fulfilling way. 


2017 rocked me to my core. Professionally, 2017 was great for me and my family. Personally, well thats a totally different story.

On March 21, 2017 heaven gained the most beautiful angel. My precious Grandma Ruth  went to be with Jesus that day. That day, my heart broke in half. Don't get me wrong, I know she's in a better place and no longer suffering; but the selfish human in me would give anything to have one more minute with her. She was my BEST friend. I don't think I have the strength to go much more into it right now. Losing her is 150% something I have not fully dealt with yet. To be honest, I'm just not ready to accept it. My heart aches. The hurt is still so recent it is indescribable. 



(Literally sitting here trying not to burst into tears)

The RUTH Collection

I created the Ruth Collection back in July. It is a 100% handmade jewelry collection created in memory of my Grandma. "RUTH" stands for "Really Unique Things For Her". If anyone knew my Grandma, they knew she never left the house without "ear bobs". Like seriously, she could be in her purple Harnett Central Sweatshirt with equally purple sweat pants, and she had her ear bobs. We design and make every single piece of our RUTH collection in-house. We are sold out of it 90% of the time, because we seriously can't make it as fast as we are selling it! We are working on that for 2018, so stay tuned!


Don't Judge A Book...

So I guess I'm trying to say, don't judge a book by its cover. What you know about me is only a glimpse; a tiny piece. I struggle DAILY to try to be everything that everyone needs. I am constantly pulled in ten different directions. It is HARD. I try to make EVERYONE (my husband, my son, my parents, my sisters, my customers, my dogs, etc.) happy. Someone is always disappointed in me. I am not everyone's cup of tea, and I think its time I just accept it. 

So Who Am I?

I am a 22 year old (go ahead, freak out over my age) wife, mother, & CEO. Im young, I have a lot to learn. I make mistakes, I fail, and I let others get the best of me. I have been ripped off, cheated, and taken advantage of. Im human. I let my emotions get the best of me sometimes. Say what you want about me, form your misguided opinions from the outside looking in, but know this: I will NEVER give up. I have a lot of living left to do, and I refuse to let myself feel weak and be controlled by others. 

"You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, there will still be somebody who hates peaches" - Dita Von Ceese

So while some of you sip your high tea, ill be here in my leggings drinking my cheap Dunkin' Donuts decaf coffee, and raising my mug to everyone who supports September & Co. CHEERS TO YOU. Thank you for making my dream a reality. 


2018 is going to be E-P-I-C. 







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  • I want YOU to know how much I love you and admire you! I look Up to you so much. Thank you for sharing this. I am So thankful for you! Proud of you and all of your hard work.

    Amy Fabriziani

  • So many people make judgments by what they ‘see’ without ever really knowing the truth ‘behind the scenes’. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life. You are truly an inspiration Katie! I am so happy for you that Sept & Co has come as far as it has and I know it’s only going to grow! I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you (and because I like puns, in ‘store’ for me too >insert eye roll and shopping bag here<) Thank you for everything you do!!


  • I loved your grandmother. I support your dream. I have loved everything from September and company. Thank You and I look forward to my future purchases.

    Lesha Kelly

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