So We're Doing This

Katherine Gregory

So...We're Doing This.

Welcome to my raw and real blog about my life as a Mom, Wife, & CEO of September & Co. Full Disclosure, this blog will probably make you laugh, cry, and I promise it will be completely politically incorrect, I could go on...but seriously, I have wanted to start something like this for SO LONG. I love writing, and making myself sit down and focus is going to be a breath of fresh air. Plus, you'll get some pretty cool insight into Motherhood, Wifehood (is that a word?),  CEO-hood (haha), and more. 


I'll be honest you guys, 2017 pushed buttons I didn't know I had, kicked me down, broke my heart, but ultimately it did not beat me. It made me stronger. 2018 is going to be year of transparency. A year where I make my OWN rules. I have big plans both personally & professionally this year, and I am excited to take you all on this ride with me. 


Get to know me...

Where do I even start? I guess the first thing I want to tell you is that my biggest fear in life is to live a meaningless life. I don't want to be remembered one day by my things or possessions; I want to be remembered for leaving this world having made an impact.

Now that we got super deep and personal...I have a beautiful 16 month old totally wild little boy, I don't have a favorite color, I am absolutely repulsed by ketchup, Louis Vuitton is my love language, I have 3 dogs, I hate green peas, Im terrified of heights, my husband deserves some kind of award for all he puts up with, I could drink buffalo sauce I love it so much, I could go on but I think you get the picture. 

I have been working in boutiques in this area since I was 14 years old. WOW. What a baby I was. I have seen the do's...the don'ts...and all the in-between of this industry. Retail isn't easy. It is cut throat. It is survival of the fittest. I have seen women build each other up only to rip them apart to further themselves. I have built lifelong friendships, and I have lost friends along the way. It hasn't been easy, but September & Co. and everything that it has become, has made all of it WORTH IT. 


So here's a refresher about September & Co. 

I started this company with one simple mission: Make a difference. To me this isn't about making money or "status". It's about doing something I love and changing the world, one article of clothing at at time. For those newbies reading this, we do that by donating a portion of every single one of our sales to the March of Dimes foundation. It is something I am so passionate about, but I honestly don't talk about it enough. And that's going to change! The March of Dimes is this really cool foundation that helps fund life changing research to end premature birth and infant mortality. And come on, who doesn't love babies? Not only do we maintain killer price points, we are changing the world.


So what am I going to write about?

Well, to be completely honest, I have no idea. Maybe I'll write about a restaurant we tried, or a killer outfit you need. Maybe I'll write about life and love and all of the in-between. We'll see what happens! 



2018...I own you. 

"Perhaps this is the moment for which you  have been created" - Esther 4:14










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  • Katie you are so Inspiring. So Proud of you and All your Hard times you’ve overcome only to push yourself to be Bigger & Better! Nice meeting you & I look forward to many more shopping sprees with September and Company. ❤️

    Amy Norton

  • Simply ❤️ your mission ❤️ your ethic ❤️ your clothes and ❤️ you


  • I was introduced to you and your company almost a year ago, I knew after meeting you that you had a great plan in the works. I had a preemie and I love that you support March of Dimes…I love your clothing, your staff, and you! Thanks for what you guys do! I wish it would have worked out for me to be part of it but everything happens for a reason and I am totally ok with that! ? Here’s to 2018…knock em dead!


  • You go girl! I won’t be coming into the storemuch since the army moved us to GA but I still be following y’all on Facebook and your website ? I love y’all and I love my clothes from y’all even more!!!! I just got this black top and it’s now my new favorite❤️

    Ps: I’m seriously coming to hate ketchup…. my kids eat entirely too much ketchup? and my biggest fear is heights!ohhhh and one day I will jump out of a plane with my Hubby to face that fear( I might die in the process) but heights is my biggest fear so I gotta do it!


  • I understand the ketchup hate, but peas?! In all seriousness, I’m so proud of you!


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