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I can't believe it is finally time to write this post! What a WHIRLWIND of a journey. On June 1, 2019 my AMAZING team & I will reveal the most absolutely MIND BLOWING transformation of September & Co. 

If you haven't heard, we are moving a hop & a skip across the parking lot of the shopping center we are currently in to allow our sweet neighbors (Gigi's Playhouse) to expand their operations into the space we are currently in! This has been in the works for almost a year now and we are SO excited for what lies ahead!


Journey To Our Redesign

If you've followed us for any period of time, you might know that we've had our ups and downs as a company. 2018 was like the most insane emotional rollercoaster - both professionally and personally - that I have EVER been on. 

In 2019 - to put it bluntly - we got our s**t together. We vet our vendors HARDER. We are working - literally 24/7 - to bring you everything you didn't know you needed. We have invested everything we have into our people & our processes. We are constantly changing and adapting to bring you the VERY best version of September & Co. 

When we were approached about moving - I have to admit I was skeptical at first. We were dealing with A LOT as a company. We were still growing at an INSANE pace. Most days I didn't know if I was coming or going. It was a LONG process to get to where we are now. About 10 months after we were initially approached - we were able to work everything out and begin the planning for our move.


Design Inspiration - What To Expect

I don't want to give away too much. I do want to say, however, that what you will see when you walk through our door at our new space - I think your jaw is going to DROP. 

This will be like no storefront you've ever seen before. Almost EVERY SINGLE thing in that store will be COMPLETELY custom built. We are pulling out all the stops and sparing no expense. When we decided to take the plunge - we went straight for the deep end. This store is for YOU. This store is EVERYTHING I have always wanted to give you. The layout is designed with YOU in mind - making it the most seamless way to shop you've ever seen. We've upgraded our hardware - brought in a complementary espresso bar - we've redesigned our brand to be everything we've always wanted it to be. We've designed this all for YOU.

I'm not a super emotional or sentimental person - but I have a feeling some tears will be shed when I see all of your reactions.


Timeline of Opening Events

  • Friday April 26, 2019 - VIP TICKETS GO ON SALE for Opening Night May 31, 2019.
  • Saturday April 27, 2019 -  EARLY ACCESS (PAID) & GENERAL ADMISSION (FREE) TICKETS GO ON SALE for Opening Day June 1, 2019. 


  • Friday May 31, 2019 VIP OPENING NIGHT (Ribbon Cutting 5pm - Event Starts 6pm)
  • Saturday June 1, 2019 OPENING DAY (9am Early Access Paid Entry - 11am Free General Admission)



I can't wait for you guys to see everything! 


xoxo Katie






  • Tara Holland : May 11, 2019

    Watching you, your family, your team and September & Co grow, has been an inspiration. Personally, your transparency has made me love Sept & Co. even more. With growth comes change, with change comes learning, with learning comes mistakes. Look at where ya’ll are today!

    The lives are so much fun! You get to know repeat viewers, share stories, laugh, lift each other up and shop!

    Shopping in the store has always been such a pleasure. You feel like a personal shopper is assisting you. I have embraced styles that were not on my radar bc the team had me think outside the box.

    I know the new shop will be amazing. Can’t wait!
    Thank you

  • Jessica Martin : April 26, 2019

    I’m SO excited to see the store!!! Can’t wait for all the new fun things. EEEEK! So happy for you and your family Katie!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kathy: April 26, 2019

    You guys are an awesome bunch of caring people who would do anything for the customers who you treat as family and we are thrilled to be part of your family. We are so happy for your move and all the new and exciting things to come congrats and we love you guys

  • Nicole Gossage: April 26, 2019

    I have always been someone who doesn’t like to shop in traditional style- a shopping mall literally has made me sick to my stomach. When I was introduced to September & Co back in November, I thought- “what a cute little shop with some unique pieces.” Little did I know the fun, the friendships, and family that was entering my life. I look forward to updates, photos and smiles from you all everyday- and can always be guaranteed to a hug and a smile when walking into the store, even if I don’t have Sherry’s Bakery with me 😂. I am so looking forward to watching you grow and to be a part of your success—- think I am gonna need a second job 😉
    Thank you Katie, Tyson and September & Co for letting me be a part kid this wonderful ride
    Love and hugs!! 😘🤗👗👜👠👛🕶👡💸🛍

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