Who We Are

Hey There! I'm So Glad You've Found Us!

My Name is Katie Garwood, CEO of September & Co. It's been a while since I updated this "about us" page, and figured what better time than the start of 2019!


Our Start

I founded September & Co. back in 2016 in my 3rd story apartment in Raleigh with my Husband, Tyson, and our little newborn baby boy, Tucker. After 7 years in the boutique industry, I was tired of seeing people flat out being RIPPED OFF at boutiques. I mean seriously, I completely understand needing to pay your bills and your people, but selling a flimsy top that probably cost about $10 wholesale for $60 was just INSANE to me. 


So, after leaving my career in Boutique Marketing & Social Media right after my son was born in 2016, I created September & Co. - what I thought would be a small side business as a way to make a little extra money for my family doing something I really enjoyed. Looking back now on how we got started, I literally sit here in disbelief that this is my life now.


When I started September & Co., I wanted to make a difference, SO I chose the charity "The March of Dimes", it was close to my heart due to a couple of my social media mom friends who had given birth prematurely. We began donating a portion of our sales to them & have done so for the last 2 years. In 2019, we are changing the way we do things a bit. We have launched a new campaign called "September & Co. Cares": a local community outreach program. In addition to donating a portion of our sales to The March of Dimes, we will also be doing September & Co. Cares on a quarterly basis. 

Our Growth Struggle

I have always maintained a level of transparency with our customers that most other business owners would be appalled by. Since our opening in 2016, we have experienced INSANELY RAPID growth. It has been so exponential, that for over a year we have really struggled to keep up.

In 2018 our customer service tanked, our vendors were all over the place, our team struggled daily just to keep up. We were constantly ripped off by other business, my family was verbally attacked, my staff was torn down by HATEFUL people (like not even just upset customers, like calling our store harassing our employees, HATEFUL people), and we were seriously on the STRUGGLE BUS. We lost our focus. We let everything get in our heads.

Towards the end of 2018 we made a TON of changes to the company. We implemented new customer service technologies, pulled back on the amount of pre-orders we were offering and focused more on in stock items, we ignored the haters, and got focused.

2019 is going to be our biggest year yet, and we are SO excited to share with you everything we have been working on. 


Live & Learn

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there will always be someone who hates peaches." --Dita Von Teese

This is seriously what we have LIVED by the last few months here at September & Co. We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, but honestly folks, some people are just miserable hateful people and nothing we can say or do would please them. Our staff is here to help you, but WILL NOT tolerate your hatefulness. Take your business elsewhere if that is how you want to act. If you don't read and understand our policies, that is YOUR fault, not my employees; I will back them EVERY SINGLE TIME.

2019 is going to be FULL of surprises, the first of which was the re-design of our website.


Buckle Up...We're taking things to a whole other level in 2019!


2019 is all about serving YOU better. We've lived and learned and we are working TIRELESSLY to bring you everything you never thought you needed! 

In April 2019, we launched our brand new APP (available on the App Store & Google Play).

In June 2019 we are opening our BRAND NEW...CUSTOM DESIGNED...STATE OF THE ART...GORGEOUS...MIND BLOWING...NEW STOREFRONT!!!! We are just making a little *jump* across the shopping center we are currently in - into a bigger space (*screams for joy*)!



1. A dedicated - hard working staff that is here to serve YOU.

2. A workaholic CEO who is always 10 steps ahead and bringing you the latest & greatest in this industry!

3. MULTIPLE ways to shop - we've got something to suit EVERYONE! (Live Sales, Sapphire Steals, Pre-Orders, In Stock, FaceTime, Try Before You Buy, etc.) Contact us today & we'll be happy to explain all the ways to shop with us and help you find your best fit! 

4. REAL people. TOP trends. GREAT prices.


"When you shop at September & Co. you aren't just supporting our family...When you shop at September & Co. you are a PART of our Family."