Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy

UPDATED 9/20/19

Every pre-order item is given an "ESTIMATED SHIP" window when posted for sale. This is an estimate of when the item is expected ship to September & Co. from the vendor based off of the information given to us by the vendor at the time we post the items. This is an ESTIMATE. We will update you via the email you provided at the time of your purchase if there are any changes to the estimated shipping window. Once we receive the item(s) from the vendor, they are processed for shipment or pick up within 2-3 business days (January-July) 5-7 business days (August-December). 

After 90 BUSINESS DAYS from your purchase date if we have not received a definite shipping date from the vendor, we will offer you a FULL REFUND or Store Credit (+10% of the purchase price). We will not offer a refund if the item is in transit to us. 

Please refer to our RETURN POLICY if you have a question regarding returning a pre-order item.


 FREEBIE ITEMSFreebie items are FREE. They will arrive when they arrive. These are items we DO NOT HAVE to give away - but we do because we appreciate each and every one of you. DO NOT inquire about a freebie - we WILL NOT have an update for you. We will only reach out to you regarding a freebie in the event that something isn't coming & we had to replace it with a similar item. Unless that happens - YOUR FREEBIE IS PROCESSING OR IN PRODUCTION AND WILL SHIP OUT TO YOU AS SOON AS WE RECEIVE IT FROM OUR INTERNATIONAL WAREHOUSE PARTNERS.