SHIPPED by September & Co.

SHIPPED by September & Co. is our new PERSONAL STYLING SERVICE that sends perfectly paired HEAD TO TOE outfits right to your door each month for a small stylist fee! The best part - if you keep everything in your get your stylist fee discounted off your total purchase!
SHIPPED is for EVERYONE. The working Mom. The Stay at Home Mom. The Young Professional. The Girl Boss. Whoever you are...whatever your age...whatever you do. SHIPPED is for YOU!!
How it works?
  1. Choose Your Shipment Size (Stylist Fees starting at only $12.00 - don't worry you can get it back as a discount on your purchase!)
  2. Complete your signup form & personal style survey!
  3. We send your shipment to you - you try on your items - keep what you love - and send back what you don't (you have 3 business days from the date you receive your box to send any items back)!
Yes, it really is that simple. All of the details will be sent to your inbox in the sign up form! So what are you waiting for?! Drop your email below!
PREFERRED MEMBERS who sign up for SHIPPED by September & Co. save 50% on Stylist Fees for June 2019! xoxo